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Welcome to the Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc. blog, home of news and information about all of our DVDs,Books, and Audio CD productions and latest promotions.  Our award-winning series of DVDs for kids for 3 – 12, “Lots & Lots of…” has been selling like crazy due to word of mouth advertising, increased exposure on television and reviews by many buyers including over 100 homeschool parents who have recently reviewed our products.  Our Firetruck Safety Songs DVDs continue to sell well in the homeschool market along with our Firefighters book.  We have recently released our “Lots & Lots of Toy Trains” 2 DVD Set and it is rapidly becoming one of our most popular collections!  Everyone loves trains and this set features model railroads of all sizes and from all over the United States.  If you are a current customer, thank you for your business, if you are new to us, please feel free to check out our Testimonials and reviews and you’ll see why our DVDs are so popular.  Plus, you won’t find these DVDs in any five dollar dump bin at your local discount store because we value the contents of our products and wish to keep our production standards at their highest level so that kids and adults will appreciate the quality and content of all our products.  We are dedicated to providing media materials that amaze, amuze, entertain and educate.

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