Award-Winning Music Man James Coffey: Marshall Publishing’s “Secret Weapon”

Dear Parents and Grandparents,

Marshall Publishing and Promotions, Inc. recognizes we are very fortunate to collaborate with James Coffey in creating the videos combining memorable, family-friendly music with great visual imagery that really appeal to children. James Coffey is the Parents Choice Award-winning artist whom the Wall Street Journal featured as one of the nation’s top children’s recording artists. We were lucky enough to catch him for a few minutes to answer a few questions for our Marshall Publishing and Promotions, Inc. video fans:

Award-Winning Family Recording Artist JAMES COFFEY

MP: You seem to infuse a child-like joy into the music you’ve written for Marshall Publishing. What inspires you, and how do you stay inspired while you’re writing music? In what setting do you write your music? Are you surrounded by any items or images that inspire you?

JC: Whenever I’m asked to write a song, I try to investigate a bit about the subject first. Trains, penguins and even the space shuttle have been some of the themes I’ve done for Marshall Publishing. I feel a responsibility to have a good feel for the subject and to have my facts straight when I write lyrics. I’ll watch videos on YouTube or have the video producer send me footage to watch as well.
As for the “child-like joy,” I think it comes from my years teaching elementary school. It allowed me to experience a whole new side to kids and the way they think. And I’m a bit of a kid myself. It’s no accident I went into music where we spend so much time “playing” even though play can be hard work.
MP: How long does it take you to write a piece of music, from the time you get inspired through final production?

JC: It varies but usually the idea and basic lyrics come fairly quick. Typically within a day or so. Sometimes I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and write down a whole song within minutes.
As for the final finished recording, it depends on the time schedule of the project. Some producers give me a lot of heads up so I have time to tweak and refine. But others need songs within a week. So I’ve learned to bare down and get the job done when needed.
MP: If you could describe your ultimate “dream project,” what would that be?

JC: I love combining media. Anytime I can work on putting a great song together with a fun visual or animation. Which is why I enjoy working with Tom Edinger and Marshall Publishing. They do a great job putting the right video footage with the songs I record. I’ve even produced some animation myself, which you can see on YouTube. I love getting into all types of media including video, animation, games and computer software.
MP: Can fans ever hire you for private events?

In my early days I did some private parties, ┬ábut those can be a little out of control. I’ll perform anywhere as long as there’s a stage and the people organizing the event know how to manage the activities for the kids and the setting is right for the families to really appreciate the show.
MP: What fun projects do you have on the horizon that you can share with our readers?

JC: I plan on having another train CD out very soon. All the tracks are basically done and recorded. Just a matter of a title and when to release. I also am considering doing a CD of simply my favorite songs many of which have never been on a CD before.
For more information on James Coffey, please visit his website http://JamesCoffey.com.

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